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Working capital is an important usf blackboard aspect in the management of company spending. If firms can not maintain a satisfactory level of working capital, the possibility of the company is in a state of "insolvent" (not able to pay obligations that have matured) and even may be forced to be liquidated or bankrupt. In the company or business entity one of the role of working capital is to ensure continuity of the company concerning the use of capital, so it can determine sufficient working capital. usf blackboard Companies faced with the problem of how much the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the use of working capital to be managed by the company.    In the analysis of the use of funds can not be separated from the financial statements, because the balance sheet consists of assets and liabilities that reflect the results of the funding decision. While the statement of income can be seen from the effectiveness of the use of the assets that support the sale and how efficiently profits earned can be used to provide compensation to the owners of the fund and as a source of funds for investment. So that by analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of funds will be known how the policy pursued by the leadership of the company in operating funds exist and can be known to the efficiency of the fund operated.

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  • With the existence of this paper is expected to readers in general and in particular writers can know, understand and add insight about Working Capital Management and can apply preformance everyday life.

  • Money market is defined as the market traded currency memperjual states prevailing in the world. This market is also known as the foreign exchange market / currency / foreign exchange / forex. The inherent risks in this market is relatively large compared with other types of investments, however, the advantage that may be obtained also relatively large. Examples are forex transactions in JSX, SSX, forex dealer, on the Internet, and others. Money market function is as a means of alternative, particularly for financial institutions, corporations and financial nin other participants to meet its short-term funding requirements and to put funds on excess liquidity. What is meant by excess liquidity adlaah financial institutions that have excess funds in the form of fresh money, either in the form of cash or in forms suarat securities with a term of one year.

  • Bank Indonesia Certificate is a type of securities issued by Indonesian banks as the central bank, which is intended to be purchased by commercial banks with a nominal value of which is very large. Bank Indonesia purpose of the certificate mengelurkan adlah reduce the circulation of money location within the community.